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Kitesurfing is now the fastest growing sport in Boston, Massachusetts, on Revere Beach, and in the extreme sports world.  Whether you are looking for blazing speed, sky-high airs, or long downwind cruises,  it's kind of hard not to be intrigued by kiteboarding.  It is this intrigue that  has lead you to one of the most exciting decisions you will ever make:  to be a kiteboarder........with the best prices, experienced and dedicated instructors, and being just minutes from Boston New England Kite School is the best bet to be kiting safely and soon.

At New England Kite School our ultimate goal is to make you a safe and confident kitesurfer.  There are many aspects that go into a successful kiteboarding session.  Having the right size kite with reliable performance and safety features is key to a good time on the water.   When you finish your time with New England Kite School you will have all the knowledge you need to have a fun and safe time on the water, and make proper decisions when choosing your kitesurfing gear.

Our students say ...

I've seen so many students start riding this season.  It really has been one of the best so far.   If you are reading this then you must be pretty siked to get kiting.

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Although kiteboarding is a relatively safe sport there is still an inherent risk of injury as with any sport.  These risks can be almost completely avoided through proper training, decision making, and preparation.  We follow a  teaching model designed by PASA, the Professional Air Sports Association, the nationally recognized organization for kiteboarding in the United States.



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Any  purchase of a complete Ocean Rodeo or Best Kiteboarding kite package

(includes Kite, Board, Bar, and Harness) earns $200 off retail value of gear!

*cannot be combined with other specials.

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