Kitesurfing Lesson Options and Prices

With fifteen years of kiteboarding and teaching experience I have built a keen understanding of the different skills needed and the obstacles students will overcome on their path to becoming a safe kiter. I have incorporated some of my own with many pre-existing drills and skill building exercises to streamline and simplify the learning process.  Comfort in the water, athleticism, and available time to practice all affect how quickly a student will pick up and retain the skills needed to become a confident kite surfer. I believe a mix of lesson time and solo practice is the most efficient and effective way to learn. Kiteboarding in New England has many variables that are unique to this area and having a local instructor who is experienced with the intricacies of the New England ocean, weather, and beach rules is a must. I consider it my task to provide you with all the information and tools you need to safely start kitesurfing on your own.

Cancellation policy-
-All cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice to retain lesson credit.
-Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice will forfeit lesson credit.
-Lessons cancelled by New England Kite School due to bad wind direction/strength or weather will be made up at the next possible date.

Getting signed up:

The first step is to email us at benny@nekiteschool.com to be added to the waitlist and get into the next Safety Zoom and Ground Lesson. Then follow my FB page for announcements regarding availability and monthly price specials.

A Safety Lesson is prerequisite to all water lessons. Please do not ask to skip the Safety Lesson!
There are many factors that go into getting a great day of lessons such as wind, tides, and weather.  To ensure you get a quality lesson we ask that you call/text or email with your name, your experience level, and the days/times you are available. We will respond as soon as possible to set a final date and time. If lessons are canceled due to bad wind or weather we will make them up on the next good day.

All open lesson slots will be sent in an email to those on the waitlist.
Open slots are available to any student who is signed up regardless of their appointment date.
Lesson slots are booked once payment has been sent.


Course Options



Safety Course - (1~ hr)
Held on Zoom

Price: $100 per student (price will be credited towards a gearset once lessons are complete)
(prerequisite for all water lessons)

This course can be booked at any time regardless of wind and weather and is required to begin water lessons.  In this class we will discuss all the safety measures and decision making required to have a safe and fun time on the water. We will learn how to choose a beach and proper weather conditions for kitesurfing. This is also the time to ask any general questions you have about kitesurfing in New England and maybe meet a friend to take lessons and practice with. In my opinion this is the most important material I will teach you.


Ground Skills - (1-2 hrs)
Held on Beach or a local park

Price: $100 per student (price will be credited towards a gearset once lessons are complete)

This course is where we learn all the hands on skills you will need to know in order to have a successful day in the water. In this class we go over the gear set up and break down, how to use the safety systems, and how to properly launch and land your kite.  You will also learn how to control the power and steering and go over some of the basic skills required once we get into the water. We will also discuss what to expect in your water lessons and how to come prepared.


Custom Private Lessons (1on1)

Price: $200/hr (10% of lesson fees credited towards a gearset once lessons are complete)
8hr bundle $1500 / 12hr bundle-$2200
(Lesson hrs never expire and can be used over multiple days)
(Lessons canceled due to bad wind/weather will be made up at a future date)

In my opinion private lessons are the most time and cost effective way to learn how to kite. When we get that perfect day with great wind and weather I would suggest going as long as you think you have the energy for. As you know it's not every day. Unstructured water time to work on whichever skills need to be improved.
This is a good option for new students, students coming from other schools to complete their training, and students who have completed their skill progression but would like some more time with an instructor before kiting on their own.
Ride-along lessons are available for students who want to dial in their upwind riding, transitions, and making the 1st few jumps.



Boarding Pass - Includes 2024 Eleveight/Ozone gear package, free Safety Zoom and Ground Lesson, 6hrs of half priced private instruction.

Boarding Pass Package Price- $4100 ($800 savings)
Includes- Safety Lesson, Ground Lesson, 6hrs of Private Water Lessons + Complete Gear Package (Kite, Bar, Board, Harness, Pump)

Our fully inclusive package. This option is  the Big Plunge! If you know for sure Kiteboarding is for you and are ready to just jump in and do it all. This option includes all private lessons and includes a complete set of Eleveight or Ozone gear to take home once lessons are done. By the end of this course you should feel fully capable to safely get out on your own and you will have an awesome set of gear to practice on!
*This course is best suited for those who have a flexible schedule to make time available when the weather and wind are good.
*This course is best suited for students who are absolutely sure they have the time, desire, and $$ to purchase gear and become a Kiter.
!WARNING!-Kitesurfing is highly addictive and in some cases has been known to cause sick days at work!

*Boarding Pass is not refundable.


Kiteboarding Gear Rental -

(no instructor)
(non-students must pass 30min safety and competence exam $25)

Price: $100/hr $400/day $800/week (20% of all rental fees will be credited towards purchase of a new gear package)

For students who have finished their lessons and are eager to get on the water and practice but are not ready to purchase gear. An alternative to buying your own gear is gear rental. Gear rental gives you access to multiple choices in kite and board size without needing to own multiple sets of gear.  Only available to students who have shown themselves to be self sufficient and responsible riders. Includes kite, bar, board, and harness. Wetsuit rentals available.


Jetski Prep (30 min) (Free with Jetski Lessons)

This is a free tutorial to get you prepared for a lesson with a jetski. It is required for all students before any jetski lesson will be available. We will go over all signals and communication systems between the student and instructor. We will go over the procedures for getting on and off the ski with a kite. We will also discuss all possible emergencies and procedures to ensure a safe lesson.


Jetski Lessons!

(Jetski Lessons are 3hr private 1 on 1 lessons)
(Price $750)


*A Kite Camp and Board Camp must be completed before any Boat/Jet-ski Lessons and students must be proficient with kite control and body dragging.
*Benny the head instructor is a USCG Licensed Captain and will always be present for any Boat/Jet-ski services.

A new addition to our teaching options! The Jetski lesson allows student to drift downwind without a need to walk the kite back upwind. This allows for much more time on the kite and allows students to take unrestricted rides once they are popping up. One truly frustrating aspect of my job is the limited time each year that I can teach, compared to the demand for lessons. There are always students who end up without a lesson at the end of the season. A great advantage of Jetski Lessons is we now can teach during high tides which will open up availability to more students in the season.


Wakeboarding (Currently Unavailable)

(3hrs $300 total) (2 person minimum-4 person max)

*Board, life jackets, and tow rope are provided but feel free to bring your own.
*2 person minimum required for spotter

Finally, Someone on the North Shore is offering wakeboarding! I am very excited to finally have my USCG Capt Lic. and be able to offer both Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding from the new boat. If the wind isn't blowing but you still want to get on the water this is a great option.

2024 Lesson Specials!

Active and retired military personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, Nurses, and Public School Teachers always get $100 credit towards a gear package. (must have valid credentials)

*Specials CAN be combined.

*See Boarding Pass Lesson and Gear discounted packages.


Please Note:

  • Lessons begin/end as scheduled, students are encouraged to show up 1hr early to find parking,
    get into wetsuit, set up gear, and maximize lesson time.
  • Scheduling is dependent on weather and wind. Any lesson canceled due to weather will be made
    up at the next possible date.
  • Full tuition must be paid and all safety waivers must be signed before each lesson begins.
  • Kite, Bar, board, and harness will be provided for lesson.
  • Students are required to bring their own wetsuits (recommended), water footwear (required). Wetsuits are available for rent or sale.
  • All group discounts are reliant on students enrolling and taking their course together.
  • All gear rentals require deposit of gears total value in case of damage or loss.
  • Once purchased lessons hours never expire and are non-refundable.
  • Gear sale returns require 10% restocking fee
  • Opened/Used gear can not be returned